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Why Insuring Your Business is a Wise Idea?


Starting a corporation or a business includes tons of risks — some assumed and a few unforeseen which will even force you to shelve your business plan.

And this in any case the sacrifices you've got made to rework a thought into a business model, from fixing all of your savings to abandoning on luxurious habits. It actually takes tons quite said or expected.


The journey of an entrepreneur is not any but a roller coaster ride as he/she goes through setbacks and surprises.

Many of the challenges are often controlled, but more often than not entrepreneurs lose complete control over the wheels of their ships.

But, all of them take certain calculated, precautionary measures before starting out that always save them from getting derailed.

Does a Start-up Need Insurance?


Your business requires protection against the risks that it's going to face, and a business policy would protect you against a number of the foremost common risks.


Business insurance package


Almost all major insurance companies offer business package policies that provide comprehensive protection against exigencies like fire, personal accident, burglary, third-party liability et al. . These plans are convenient for business as you'll cover all of your assets under one plan.


Standalone plans


Insurance companies also sell individual policies where you'll choose a customized portfolio. For business units at multiple locations, some fire and burglary covers offer a floater option. this suggests just one policy will cover all the locations. These are annual plans and will be renewed per annum .


Types of business insurance


Fortunately, as a business owner, you've got access to many sorts of insurances which will reasonably cover you from the risks. Here are the foremost common ones in India.

Property insurance: Whether your business runs on an owned or leased space, property insurance is extremely important. It covers losses to inventory, equipment, signage, and furniture just in case of a storm, theft or fire. However, natural calamities that cause mass destruction like earthquakes and floods are usually not covered under property insurance.


Workers’ compensation: Such a policy is typically added to a typical business insurance plan. It covers medical treatment, death and disability benefits if an employee of your business gets injured or dies while on duty. albeit your workers perform seemingly low-risk duties, a serious slip-and-fall injury may cause a dear claim. to stop employers from evading claims, the govt has made workers’ compensation mandatory in some sectors of the economy, particularly those that are risk-prone. 


Product liability insurance: It’s a requirement if you manufacture goods purchasable within the general market. albeit you adopt all necessary measures to make sure your goods meet the relevant standards, you're not safe from lawsuits and damages filed by your consumers. A product insurance protects your business in such cases. The coverage available depends on your type and volume of business. 


Business interruption insurance: The operations of a business might be interrupted due to a catastrophic event or disaster. During such a time, the business will see a drop by income because your staff are going to be absent from office. Leads won’t materialise into sales. this sort of insurance is imperative for companies that require a physical location for conducting their business; which includes your neighbourhood grocery also .

Vehicle insurance: When company vehicles are used, those should be fully insured within the name of your business to urge cover when an accident occurs. While you'll just get insured against third-party injuries, a comprehensive insurance will cover the vehicle involved within the accident also . If you employ your personal car within the business, then the motor insurance of the vehicle will cover it just in case of losses.


Group accident and medical insurance: It’s your responsibility to make sure the well-being of your workers as an employer. It’s a crucial factor for the success of your business. group medical and private accident cover will provide monetary support to your employees if there’s a crisis, sans putting any financial burden on the business.

Data protection: While a burglary or fire protection policy covers the physical damage to your computers and servers, what about the value of retrieving the knowledge stored in these machines? In most cases it’s even as very much like replacing the computers and storage devices. It’s almost like misplacing your wallet, where the important papers and credit cards are a greater loss than losing cash. A separate equipment policy for your business can cover the loss of data and buy the reinstatement costs.

Remember, an honest business thrives on taking risks. It’s often the inspiration to reap profits. But at an equivalent time, it'll be foolhardy to ignore timely precautions. Buying sufficient business insurance is sensible , especially for little investors who don’t have enough buffer money to bail them call at case of losses. the quantity of insurance will obviously depend upon the quantity of your business.